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Load eMoneySafe Wallet via Debit card
Load TWIGA Wallet via Debit card
Frequently Asked Questions
Load TWIGA Wallet via Debit card
STEP 1 - Link Card
To load your TWIGA wallet, initially you need to link your Debit card with your eWallet.
Choose the option “Cards” and “Add Card”. Fill out the number of the card you wish to link to the eWallet.

Now fill out your card details (expiration date, CVV, full name and if you wish a “nickname” to remember your card).

If you have filled out your card details correctly, you should see the message below:

For security reasons you need to confirm that you are the owner of the card.
Choose the option “Cards” > “My Cards” and the card that you just linked to the eWallet.

Press the button “Verify”

And fill out the microamount that your card was debited with.

Now that your card has been confirmed you can use it to load your TWIGA Wallet account.

STEP 2 - Use the card to load the TWIGA Wallet
To load the eWallet using one of your linked cards (that you have successfully verified) go to your TWIGA
account and choose the option “Funding from Card”

Pick the card you want to use, fill out the amount, the CVV and specify the reason for loading the eWallet.
Press “Submit” to complete the load.